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Pamela A. Budreski

Brookline, MA



(617) 230-4412


Pamela A. Budreski
Brookline, MA 02446

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Pamela A. Budreski

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Deep Tissue,Lymphatic Drainage,Pregnancy Mas


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Tim K. says:
I hurt worse than ever after this incompetent "therapist". Terrible.

Amy Alt says:
Hi Pam!! Just wanted to see what you were up to & say hello. I'm in Montreal now, last 4 yrs, planning to stay. I have permanent residence, can be a dual citizen in 2 yrs. I must apologize for being so dysfunctional when we met up in Boston. My depression in my youth was bad, but post-dance was & is unmanageable. I've been hospitalized twice, once in Boston with some heavy-duty treatment, tried all manner of meds, etc. I was grasping for anything, anyone back then. I'm sorry I wasn't more together, and I was especially weak and impulsive in Boston. All I can do is apologize, as my brain was broken & I was some sort of miserable freak. I'm working on a Masters of Physical Therapy at McGill, though I did train in massage a few years ago & also certified in Vodder MLD, so that's how I've been paying the rent. I'm so sorry I disappointed you, and was not the kind of friend you felt good about sharing with your Boston friends. Every moment for me was an effort, and I spent a lot of time crying afterwards. My Gramma Julie in Pittston died a few years ago, as did my grandfather Pop Pop in Dupont. Their houses are gone, so I'll never have a reason to go back, but when i think about it, it always makes me think of how special it felt to meet you, knowing you understood where my family came from. Knowing that odd blue collar mining country, a bit lost in time, and how lucky we were to move past that. It's ok if you choose to not respond to me. I know I was embarrassing and annoying. But please do know that at school I was thrilled to have you as my friend, and I was helplessly grateful that you welcomed me as I began my uncertain new life in Boston. xo aa