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Patty Anderson

Laguna Niguel, CA



(949) 836-8155


Patty Anderson
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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Patty Anderson

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Energy Work,Chair/Seated Massage,Sports Mass


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Diana Morrison says:
During the week between Christmas and New Year in 1999-2000 I was involved in an incident which resulted in a severe back injury, a complete tear of one of my disc. I had to have surgery to remove a piece of disc lying in my spinal tract or risk becoming paralyzed; added to that the back injury affected my hips and legs. The first time I received a complete massage which included my back I was apprehensive. I was not sure I wanted Patty to work on my back as it was very painful. I decided to let Patty work on my back with the agreement that if too painful she would stop, in fact even worked out a code word 'fire' which meant back or any other place was hurting and she should stop immediately. Of course throughout Patty also kept asking if she was going to 'deep' or was what she was doing OK. Towards the end of the massage I was in tears... but they were tears of joy and relief. I cried for half and hour. I freaked Patty out so bad she stopped as she was afraid she had hurt me. I was finally able to talk through my tears to let her know that she had made me feel like I had not felt since I received my injury. I felt so good, pain was minimal not just in my back, but my hips, legs, shoulders, everywhere; I felt so good not only physically but emotionally. I told Patty I believed she had ' a healing touch' that not only was able to help a person feel better physically but emotionally as well. Now I have to admit that I am Patty’s twin sister and perhaps we have a special connection that enabled her to make me feel as much as I did. But I believe that Patty has a rare gift and that she chooses to use this gift to help people is wonderful. If a person were to experience only a third of what I felt the day Patty gave me my first full massage they would be lucky indeed.