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Dianne A. Pecoraro

Tucson, AZ



(520) 325-8706


Dianne A. Pecoraro
Tucson, AZ 85719

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Dianne A. Pecoraro

License Number:
MT 00161P


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Hello Dianne. It is me- Casey, Johnson- says:
hello. i have thought of you through these years, and missed you. I am wishing that i had kept in touch, but found you through here, and wanted to say " hi" now while i am able and remember..things get busy and then before you know the day is over and that letter I wanted to send is last year and new things have happened. I have been wondering about you. I hope you are in a good place and health. I see your smile in my thoughts, and remember how kind you were to me, regardless if i deserved it. I just wanted to let you know that your string to me is strong, and i love you, and you are a shining light, blinding it's so bright. your biggness is so wonderful.words can't even describe your smile-it is extrodanary. i just allways wanted to tell you how wonderful you are, and that you had a positive impact on me. i can tend to ramble on...even when i'm writing. i miss you. i will still think of you,, it makes me happy. with great sincerety, your former massage student on the chair-casey davis..(used to be johnson) i graduated in december 1999....

Vicki Dawson says:
There is surely another Angel tonight. We love you.